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Preferred Septic & Disposal Liquid Environmental Waste Services

Preferred Septic & Disposal Portables

Portable Toilets & Sinks

Preferred Septic & Disposal offers convenient commercial recycling for the local areas we serve. Make your business a steward of your community and our planet. Commercial waste recycling reduces the amount of waste that ends up in landfills and saves the energy needed to reproduce these same materials.

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Septic Systems & Vaults

Preferred Septic & Disposal offers waste removal services for septic tanks and vaults. We recommend having your septic system pumped every 3 to 5 years.

Benefits of Septic Pumping

Pumping your septic system regularly prevents the solids from building up. If the septic is not pumped the excess solids will stop the septic system from leaching, which can cause back-ups and potentially cause your septic system to fail.

If you do not know the location of your septic lids give us a call and we can locate for you.

Septic Certifications

Septic Certifications are requried by your leinholder when purchasing a new home. Certification includes pumping of your septic tank, checking that the Inlet and Outlet are in order and that the fittings and baffles are secure.

Preferred Septic & Disposal Portables

Portables for Construction and Events

Cleanliness is our main concern. We take pride in knowing our clients rely on us to give them the best service and products!

We offer a variety of portable toilets and accessory units to accomodate needs for any event or work site.

  • Individual Toilets
  • Various colors and configurations
  • Handwashing stations
  • Multiple Toilets on a Trailer

Start Your Liquid Waste Services With Preferred Septic & Disposal Today

Preferred Septic & Disposal is committed to responsible waste management. Start your septic service with us today. Call us at 760-873-5699 or request a quote.

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